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What do you do when the person you love doesn't love you back?

You fight for them. But the real question is, how much do you fight? How far do you take it before love leans into obsession?

For Sarah, there's no other option but to fight. She'd rather die than not have him. 

A Season of Darkness

Immerse yourself in winter and tales that will leave you looking over your shoulder.

A Season of Darkness is an anthology of 17 twisted tales from 10 very different authors. Meet a friendly and not so friendly spirit, a werewolf, maybe a vampire, and experience the idea that reality is sometimes more horrific than fiction. 

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They say it's often those closest to you that cause the most harm.

Sadie's younger brother goes missing. 5 years later he reappears as if nothing happened. He's unchanged, unfazed and totally unsure what happened to him. It's Sadie's job to find out. But does she already know more than she's letting on?

Hannah R Palmer is the author of thriller novel Number 47, which is available to purchase on Amazon. Her upcoming horror novel, One Road In, will be released in September 2021, and she also has a collection of short stories, A Season of Darkness, written in collaboration with 9 other authors, available to purchase now. 

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